Through life's twists and turns, this handful of friends and family have united to bring a raw level of energy and pain to sound, expressing their passion for music and desire to share it with all music lovers alike.
With five years of performing experience, two EP's and a single release, Elemental Burn now lay down the foundations of their much anticipated Debut Album. Being an independent heavy rock outfit, Elemental Burn continues to win the fight to keep it real, maintaining all aspects of the creation of the music. Also in the outfit's control is the business side, from artwork, branding, networking, recording and mastering to marketing, promotion and gig booking.
Sounds of others which have made an impression on Elemental Burn are the likes of: Metallica, Skunk Anansie, Tool, Pantera, System of A Down, Cradle of Filth, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Down, Marilyn Manson, Powderfinger, Silverchair, Tenacious D, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Spiderbait, church hymns, Russian ballads and hymns and great parents that sang to us and allowed us to live music as children.
Venues that have played host to the over 100 shows Elemental Burn has given Melbourne since Dec 2006 include: The Hi-Fi Bar, Prince Bandroom, Billboards, The Espy, The Tote, Live @ The Crown, Ruby's Lounge, The Barn Live and DV8 to name a few. The highlight to date would definitely be the 2008 Prologue EP Launch at The Hi-Fi Bar, where hundreds of fans and friends supported the first major step in Elemental Burn's career.
Elemental Burn launched their second EP: Foreword, on Sat 30th July at The Barn Live in Bayswater, Melbourne's East, with intention on becoming the next highlight in the outfit's career. Regional, one show tours in Bendigo, Warrnambool and Sale have also given Elemental Burn the maximum exposure needed for the new release.